Sunday, February 26, 2012

Artist for Stained Glass Paintings and Custom Hand Painted Glass

Glass painting artist Julia Sweda offers custom hand painted glass and stained glass paintings for roundels, panels, inserts and insets. Custom designs and painting service for glass craftsman, artisans and homeowners to include into stained glass art or as furniture and cabinet decorative glass pieces. Julia offers many glass painting styles including Victorian, medieval and Ukiyoe or woodblock.
All of the glass paintings shown below are custom hand painted by Julia.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Sonoran Desert & Pottery Relics-Hieroglyphics Scene" woodstove wall tile mural

Wood stove wall tile mural in tile artist Julia Sweda's home.
Painting features typical critters and vegetation found in the Sonoran Desert. Mule Deer buck and doe, Gambel's quail, cactus wren, Harris antelope squirrel, Western Banded Gecko. Saguaro, prickly pear cactus, cholla, desert spoon, ocotillo and desert grasses.
Southwestern Pueblo Indian, tribal pottery relics and hieroglyphics.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Julia's European Style Country Tile Art Kitchen & Backsplash"

This is tile mural artist Julia Sweda's kitchen. It features floor to ceiling wall tiles depicting European country, rural or farm scenery, along with Hungarian folk art designs based on Hungarian embroidery. Custom designed decorative kitchen and backsplash wall tile mural. Hand painted on 6 x 6 inch ceramic tile. Aprroximately 750 tiles are used in the installation.

Every painted tile shown is hand painted by Julia and kiln fired in the superior traditional manner.
No decals, photo or computer transfers, sublimations or "special ink processes" were used.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mata Ortiz, Native American, Southwest Tribal Indian, Pueblo Pottery Designs, Portraits, Decorative Tile Art and Murals

Tile painting artist Julia Sweda specializes in Native American tile art portraits, murals of southwestern pottery, pueblo decorative designs based on historic photos, actual collections and modern day culture. Custom designed and hand painted on ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and plates.

Various designs of pottery are that Julia can paint for you are based on the Arizona and New Mexico tribes of Hopi, Santa Clara, Acoma, Hopi-Tewa (Nampeyo) and San Ildefonso along with Mata Ortiz. Pottery tile art based on artists such as Maria Martinez, Popovi Da, Teresa Salvador, Eric Fender, Barbara Gonzales, John Gonzales, Russell Sanchez, Adam and Santana Martinez, Cavan Gonzales.

Julia offers a free, no obligation price quote, consultation and "how to get started" information for tile art "uniquely your own."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Julia's Glass and Stained Glass Paintings on Facebook

Paintings in this Facebook album show an Acoma maiden and her pottery, an Arab Horse head study, Gambel's quail in flowering prickly pear cactus, Medieval style stained glass painting of a shepherd girl, a "Mucha" girl painting and a Ukiyoe style painting based on Kunisada of a geisha walking thru the snow.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Desert, Pueblo Indian Pottery, Hieroglyphics Exterior Tile Artwork"

Exterior decorative wall tile murals featuring Pueblo Indian pottery designs, hieroglyphics and desert cactus, vegetation. This is the studio entrance to tile artist Julia Sweda's ( home. The designs are based on the Acoma, Hopi, Cochiti, Jemez, Navajo, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, San Ildefonso, Zia, Zuni of the Southwest along with Mata Ortiz pottery.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Santa Fe Type House With Southwestern Pueblo Style, Native American Exterior Tile Artwork"

Exterior decorative tile murals featuring Pueblo Indian designs, pottery pieces and era Hopi women in traditional garb. This is the front entrance to tile artist Julia Sweda's ( home. Custom designed decorative house wall tile murals. Hand painted on 13 x 13 inch porcelain tile.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

View Julia's overview before purchasing or ordering custom tile art

Artworks by Julia Tile Murals is primarily an online gallery, source, for homeowners, professional decorators and designers seeking custom tile art and tile murals for their home or business.

Julia offers free, no obligation quotes and consultations to help you decide on what you need and should look for in custom tile art for your home decorating, remodeling or interior design projects. You can view Julia's overview webpage at before calling or writing to get an idea of the questions she will ask and things you should consider. For people who "don't have a clue" as how to go about ordering or commissioning custom tile art and what to look for this overview page is a good starting point.

Julia's specialty is custom hand painted tiles for kitchen backsplash tile murals and decorative tiles. She also offers custom painted tile art for wall, bathroom, shower and exterior. She works out of her home studio and the bulk of her sales are through the internet. You are welcome to call during her business hours or email with your questions and to receive a free, no obligation quote.

A custom painted tile mural backsplash can become a real focal point for a kitchen

An informative (and opinionated) article from CFT411 blog on how the right painted tile kitchen backsplash "adds more than a splash of color. It adds a slice of yourself ".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Julia updated her wildlife portraits and nature scenery website page

Julia has added new photos of some of her finest hand painted wildlife and nature portraits on tile murals and tile art. There is now a very "Angry Jaguar", a juvenile "Siberian Tiger Head Study", "Golden Lion Tamarin" and  "Panda Bear-Przewalski's Horses". These paintings are either in pastel medium, water miscible oil paint on canvas, porcelain or china painting and ceramic tile.